Who We Are

We're specialists in inventive environments, inspired content, and a delightful delegate experience from start to finish.

Live Event Specialists

Some might say putting the words ‘perfect’ and ‘live’ together in the same sentence, is a tall order. For all the proactive planning in the world, there’s often a little professional and creative reactivity required at some time during the process. But at Meet & Potato, we thrive on the pressure and are always up for the challenge.

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Communication Professionals

Great communication is getting a clear, relevant message to a carefully researched audience, in a way that not only makes perfect sense, but resonates with them so that they can really engage with the subject matter. Oh, and it motivates the audience to take the action you require of them, in the way you want them to, when you want them to.

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Content Developers

We create inspirational and engaging content, to help our clients deliver their key messages through an exciting mix of media. Our tried and tested content development process supports stakeholders from start to finish, really taking the pressure off our clients!

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Video Producers

We create inspiring video for clients, full of brand personality. Corporate video doesn't need to be dull! Some clients have been so impressed with our video work that we’ve been commissioned to create video for projects outside of the sphere of live events!

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Design & Brand Experts

Whatever the channel, great design & branding is at the forefront of everything we do. Building an identity for a communication is the key to getting it noticed by, and engaged with, by any audience. It’s our bread and butter.

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A Really Lovely Bunch

“Just be yourself,” the Director said, as we each nervously took the hot seat for the filming of our marketing videos. And it was apt advice, because it’s that same authentic philosophy which makes this small but formidable team what it is today. A really lovely bunch of hardworking professionals…who know how to have a lot of fun.

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You Won't Want to Do an Event Without Us!

We get under the skin of a brand, to discover what’s important to our clients, and articulate their message to the people who matter. We immerse them in interactive environments that bring a brand to life. And we energise them with interesting & effective communication that engages on an emotional level. We motivate people, enhancing the way they think, feel and act about key business priorities. Take a look for yourself.

Our Work