Video Producers

What makes video great?

Video is an essential part of communication today. And it’s a medium we absolutely love at Meet & Potato. We’re a society now that is addicted to our screens, and video is a vital tool in the stories we help our clients to tell. It’s engaging, it’s emotive and it’s easy to consume. And you can get really creative with it. Our live event video content has been so successful, that we’re now regularly creating videos for our clients to be used as customer facing communications, online, in-store, anywhere!

What’s the benefit of video?

Video is such a successful medium because it’s the perfect way of communicating important messages in a succinct yet engaging way. A well planned, creatively shot, and intelligently edited video can achieve the same communications goals in two minutes, as a presentation would in fifteen or more.

It also allows us to bring in other people from across our client’s business to give different opinions and perspectives on a particular topic. It’s often helpful for an audience to hear everyone’s part of the story, to give them a complete picture, and hearing it directly from all the people involved makes the communication more believable, honest and authentic.

Our clients are often quite nervous when we mention using video, but they trust us to really understand their communication goals, and make sure we get the perfect soundbites to create the story they want to tell. We’re experienced at making people feel relaxed in front of the camera, and we have amazing producers who ask the right questions in the best way to get just what we need for the edit. After the initial nerves dissipate, it can be a really enjoyable experience for most participants.

Why is emotion so important?

Videos really help to communicate the emotion behind a rational message because the audience is hearing the story from the people who are directly involved in it. Those who have put their heart and soul into something are the best people to say why it’s important. Those who are positive about a message are the best people to encourage other people to be positive too. Those who truly care about a subject will convey that level of emotion to colleagues, customers or prospects.

For us, the best thing about video, is the spine-tingling moment when the emotion really comes across, and we feel the audience will be awestruck at what they’re seeing before them. When we know we’ve helped our client to tell a great story, and that the people they wanted to hear that story will be thoroughly engaged with it, it’s such a satisfying moment for us.

We love video. Can you tell?!


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