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What Makes The Perfect Live Event?

Some might say putting the words ‘perfect’ and ‘live’ together in the same sentence, is a tall order. For all the proactive planning in the world, there’s often a little professional and creative reactivity required at some time during the process. But at Meet & Potato, we thrive on the pressure and are always up for the challenge. Whether there’s time for contemplation during pre-production, or it’s a quick turnaround decision in the throes of the live event itself, the question we always ask ourselves is:

“What will make for a brilliant delegate experience?”

The objective of any live communication, is to make sure we give the audience the best possible opportunity to understand what our clients want to say, and why they want to say it. After all, the audience are often the people who’ll bring the brand ambition to life, so making sure they go into their next working day feeling positive about their experience matters, a lot, to our clients. And if it matters to them, it matters to us.

A compelling narrative

That’s why, a Meet & Potato live event is all about the communication. It’s always been more than a set and stage to us. Our team gets under the skin of a brand, its strategy, and its people, to truly understand the communication objectives, and build an environment around their key messages, rather than the other way round. We work closely with our clients to create stories that will resonate with the audience, on both a rational and emotional level, and enable them to learn something that will be truly helpful in delivering the strategy when they go back to their day job.

A sense of wonder

 The temporary nature of a live event is key in achieving this. Taking people out of their usual environment and placing them in a completely different reality for a short time, means we capture their imagination, ensuring their focus is on the story we want to tell them. Creative production is key to bringing to life an environment which immerses them in the brand messages. And finding the perfect technical solution to deliver this, is where our production team excel, bringing in just the right elements and technologies to engage and excite.

A lasting impression

We work in true partnership with our clients, like an extension of their team, to create a brilliant day for delegates. Our objective is to make our clients’ lives easier, and our delegates’ experience inspirational. And we must be doing a pretty good job, because clients keep coming back to us. We think it’s something to do with our values – we take our work seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s what makes the experience of working hand in hand with our award-wining team an enjoyable one.

Dare we say, perfect?!

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