Content Developers

What is Content Development?

 Content Development helps clients structure and format the message they want their audience to take away from an event or communication, so that the recipient remembers it, and takes it away just as the distributor intended.

The Process

We work closely with clients to develop a narrative that will really engage the audience in the story they are trying to tell. We help them to clarify their thoughts and ideas around the messages  they need to communicate, and help them shape this content so it flows really nicely to make it easy for the audience to take on board.

It’s a collaborative process. Our clients are experts in their business, but we are experts in communication, so we can advise them or challenge them on the way that they communicate this message.

There are so many tools and techniques that can help to really land a message so that it influences an audience in the way the presenter wants it to. We always advocate the use of multiple media – video, animation, live interviews, panel discussions, digital technology, social media etc. – to really engage an audience.

The most satisfying part of any event is watching a client who you’ve worked with closely, deliver a brilliant multi-media presentation, and seeing an engaged audience taking it all in. When a presenter comes off stage with the smile that says “I nailed it”, there’s no better feeling for us or them!

An on-going conversation

Content development doesn’t stop at the end of an event. There is often a cascade communication process, which takes the key messages further into the organisation. We work with clients to develop this content, as messages may need to be expressed and communicated differently to a different audience.

We don’t lose contact with our clients between events, and are often called for advice on communication projects. We’re also keen to stay up to date with what’s going on in our clients’ organisation or industry, so we know what’s important to them as a business and a brand and can use this knowledge to come up with creative ways to communicate future messages.



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