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What makes great communication?

Communication is delivering a message to an audience. Simple.

Great communication is getting a clear, relevant message to a carefully researched audience, in a way that not only makes perfect sense, but resonates with them so that they can really engage with the subject matter. Oh, and it motivates the audience to take the action you require of them, in the way you want them to, when you want them to.

Maybe not quite so simple after all.

It’s authentic

Pitching a message at just the right level, to encourage a group of individuals to think, feel or do something differently, is a tall order. But we insist our clients feel they’ve experienced a return on their investment and their communication objectives, so we make sure we dig deep to understand where their audience is now, and where our clients would like them to be, so we can understand the difference we need to make.

The key is always honesty. Communications must be open, and show the audience that you understand the current situation. They must trust that you have a strategy to get from A to B, and that their role in the journey is clear. And of course, the communication needs to be in line with their business personality and values, so that the ‘how we’re going to get there’ story is received in a style and manner that feels authentically on-brand to them.

It’s tailored

Every brief Meet & Potato receive is different.  Our team works hard to get to the heart of it, finding creative ways to get the desired message to the audience across a variety of communication platforms, such as print, digital, video and Powerpoint. Each a strong and relevant communication in its own right.

Our lifeblood is live communication, which we will passionately praise the virtues of til the cows come home. It creates the perfect opportunity to speak directly, (and honestly) to the people who can help bring a company strategy to life.

Talking face to face, with an opportunity for the audience to interact and ask questions, bringing in a bespoke suite of video, immersive technology and engaging environments to enhance the experience, takes an audience into a different space, mentally and physically, creating the best conditions for new messages to be absorbed.

It’s memorable

It’s vital to the success of any communication that the key messages are not just taken in, but are taken on – i.e. that the desired action is taken as a result. So to empower, enable and excite an audience, we have to make the experience truly memorable. We work with our clients to create a story that explains the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind the overall strategy, and weaves through the communication, delivering key messages in an interesting, engaging and memorable way.

Ensuring the story line is consistent, believable, and delivered in a way that inspires the audience to play their role in this part of the journey, and the next, is a key element of our role and a challenge we relish. No two briefs are the same. No two clients are the same. Great communication is bespoke, tailored to the exact needs of the business and the audience, and delivered in a uniquely memorable way. That’s the kind of communication that gets results.

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