A Really Lovely Bunch

Let’s talk about us

 “Just be yourself,” the Director said, as we each nervously took the hot seat for the filming of our marketing videos. And it was apt advice, because it’s that same authentic philosophy which makes this small but formidable team what it is today. A really lovely bunch of hardworking professionals…who know how to have a lot of fun.

Positive mentality

Enjoying what we do is the most important thing for us. We benefit, our clients benefit and our audiences benefit from the positivity of our approach. Simply by being ourselves, and bringing our own unique talents to the table, we build trusted relationships with each other, our suppliers and our clients, and deliver fantastic communications that get results.

Being crazy helps

The demands of this industry require a certain type of person, someone who’s crazy enough to go into it with the right attitude and enthusiasm, and we have that in spades. Egos are not welcome here. There’s no time to pander to them! We’re all grafters at M&P, and we all have each other’s back – so everyone is confident, comfortable enough to challenge each other, and put forward opinions, to ensure we deliver the most effective and creative response to every brief.

Family values

It’s easy to say your team is a special one, but we’d challenge anyone who dared to question us on this! We spend so much time together on the road, in the office and out of hours, we’re just like family. We’re all unique, but we come together brilliantly to achieve our goal – to deliver amazing live events and communications for our clients, and for everyone to really enjoy the process.

Gracefully does it

Jon has a great analogy, that we’re like swans, calm and serene on top, whilst underneath we’re frantically getting everything done. Live events are not for the faint hearted, and the team keep each other going through the long and often exhausting journey. But it’s always worth it. After every event there’s a huge celebration when team M&P deliver another amazing experience. Blimey, we’re good.


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