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Photo of Jon Kelly Photo of Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly

Managing Director

Our chief potato lives to make others happy. His team, his clients or perfect strangers. Most often found on stage (whenever he possibly can), or at the bar.

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Photo of Karen Todd Photo of Karen Todd

Karen Todd

Content Director

Her dog, Brinkley, is an extension of her arm and the only thing on the planet that has her under the thumb. Although Harvey the cat knows how to wrap her round his left paw too.

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Photo of Laura Jones Photo of Laura Jones

Laura Jones

Senior Event Producer

Hilarious. The office joker, clown and feeder. Everyone’s best bud she keeps the entire team on their feet. She is gold. Otherwise found on a good walk – to a good pub.

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Photo of Christina Harwood Photo of Christina Harwood

Christina Harwood

Senior Event Producer

The loveliest one of us all. With a smile on her face but mischief in her heart, she regularly gets away with murder. If she could ever find her purse, keys or glasses, she’d be dangerous.

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Photo of Becca Jones Photo of Becca Jones

Becca Jones

Content Manager

Insatiable appetite to know everything about everything, she could rule the world one day. Except that she’d prefer to live in the hills, out of a van, with a pet goat. M&P’s creative genius – we’d be lost without her.

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Photo of Greg Magill Photo of Greg Magill

Greg Magill

Event Producer

A total grafter with a first degree honours under his belt. Greg is steady as a rock. The calm amidst the crazy…

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Photo of Sophie Greatbanks Photo of Sophie Greatbanks

Sophie Greatbanks

Production Coordinator

A straight talking, no-nonsense, total babe – with the selfies to prove it.  We think she may have invented social media…

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Photo of Jono Holden Photo of Jono Holden

Jono Holden

Creative Director

Our not-so hipster designer whose beard took him his whole life to grow. Bringing invaluable creative direction to the team, plus a healthy dose of sarcasm.

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