Baxi Sales Conference

A brilliant brand experience to inspire the Sales team.

Setting the scene

Baxi is very proud of its brand. And we’re proud to work with them too. It is one of the  biggest boiler manufacturers  in the UK and has a heritage of 150 years. Baxi asked us to showcase the key areas of the its business for their Sales Conference, to bring the brand to life and inspire the sales and marketing teams for the year ahead.

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The event story

We worked closely with the marketing team and speakers from across the business, to create Baxi’s biggest and best sales conference to date. We created a format and an environment that would be completely unexpected, which ensured everyone in the audience was engaged from the moment they entered the event space. It felt new and exciting to be part of it. We took an enormous empty space at Stadium MK, and transformed it into a Baxi brand showcase. With a huge central stage, several branded inflatable pods and a Baxi branded articulated lorry creating a breakout backdrop, the brand environment was complete.

Every session on the agenda was creatively developed to be on-brand, on-message… and fun. With a forum theatre, interactive quizzes and even a game of breakout roulette, the Sales Teams enjoyed and, more importantly, absorbed the key messages of the conference. Their sense of motivation was palpable! We replaced the traditional, formal gala dinner with a high energy, fun evening of entertainment, finishing the event on a high.

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After the final curtain

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