Pep & Co

Proud to be Pep

The Brief

Pep & Co have had a year to be proud of and they really wanted to make that clear at this year’s annual conference, attended by store managers from across their now 170 stores nationwide.

‘Proud to be Pep’ was the conference theme, aligned with the sentiment of the event. The Exec team aimed to instil pride in the store managers by highlighting the 85% YoY sales growth they’ve experienced, not only in the past 12 months, but annually since the company opened it’s first 60 stores, three years ago.  But also, to show their appreciation and gratitude for the hard work and determination of the 170 teams, in creating a brand to be proud of.

This conference wasn’t just a nod to the success of the past year, but a chance to highlight the exciting goals and objectives of the future.


The Event

Having worked with Pep & Co since they were established three years ago, we have watched the business grow and with that, witnessed the requirements of the annual conference grow with it too. This year, we took the production to another level, really aiming to wow delegates as a reflection of the achievements made in the past year, regarding growth of sales as well as also growing the brand. The scale at which the company has grown from opening 50 stores in 50 days in 2015, is quite something.

The conference comprised of a main plenary session in which the business update was proudly presented by Pep & Co’s Managing Director, Adrian Mountford. The set and stage was slick and clean, creatively branded to reflect the event ID. The use of our favourite interactive Q&A tech,, as ever, facilitated more fluid and informal communication between audience and presenters which helped set the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Following the main plenary, delegates were split into five, interactive, product-led breakouts, showcasing the fantastic products on offer throughout the Men’s, Women’s and Kids ranges, with a dedicated session on visual merchandising.


These sessions were all brought to life during the afternoon plenary session, when a score of models took to the stage, adorned in Pep & Co’s finest apparel, dazzling the crowd in a well-choreographed routine. This added a real fun yet tasteful element to the day, ending with a bang as confetti streamed out across the audience, providing a real high to finish the day on.

Various Awards were also ceremoniously delivered throughout the day to well-deserved colleagues, re-iterating the element of pride encapsulated by the event ID.

The conference felt like a real celebration from start to finish, and one that we at Meet & Potato are very proud to have been involved in, having watched this modest company, with a fantastic ethos, grow from strength to strength!

The conference ended with a relaxed styled gala dinner allowing delegates to let their hair down and really revel in the success of the conference, as well as the success of the previous year. But of course, keeping one eye quite firmly, on their bright future ahead.