Merseytravel Engagement Videos

Highlighting the value of the Engagement Teams and the fantastic work that they do!

The Brief

Merseytravel’s Engagement team do fantastic work across the Liverpool City Region; informing people across various sectors, of the value that public transport brings to the region in general, and more specifically, how public transport and the initiatives offered through Merseytravel, can benefit them on a more individual basis.

By splitting themselves across four different sectors: Community, Education, Workplaces and Events, the engagement teams are able to build trusted and lasting relationships within their particular field, standing them in better stead to get the word out – Merseytravel is here to help.

So where exactly do Meet & Potato come in? Merseytravel were looking for an opportunity to promote the work that they do across the region, showcasing real-life examples of how the various initiatives that they facilitate, help people in the area. Their hope being that these people spread the word to others in their community. Rightly, they decided that video was their best option to get the message out. So, they called us!


The Project

Merseytravel had a very specific idea of what they wanted the suite of four videos (one relating to each sector: Community, Education, Workplaces and Events) to be – emotive, inspiring, uplifting and informative. They also wanted to ensure they were focused on relationships, as building relationships is the very essence of what the teams do and what makes their work not only so valuable, but so successful.

So, we worked very closely with the client to establish how best to go about this.

As each team has its own identity, we felt that the best course of action would be to treat each VT individually, giving each their own personality whilst ensuring they were all consistent, with each other and with the Merseytravel brand.

We worked with the client to produce storyboards that were fully comprehensive of the brief, using our creative to try and help the client visualise what the end result would look like. We then went back through the creative with a fine-tooth comb, to ensure we would be matching style with substance, capturing the key message and sentiment of each VT accurately and authentically. Only when we were convinced we had all bases covered, did we get on to planning the shoot.

Liaising with individual interviewees, we came up with a rigorous filming schedule to ensure we could capture all contributors along with supporting footage from all locations, dotted far and wide across the Liverpool City Region. As ever, we’re always conscious of our clients’ budgets when producing videos, so we endeavoured to fit as much as possible into every filming day in order to keep costs to a minimum. This meant that shoot days were frantically busy, yet with the busyness came a buzz. Not least because the footage we were picking up was a fantastic blend of rational and emotional, better than we could have even imagined.

It was clear in the lead up to filming, how much the work that the engagement teams do means to them, and to the communities they’re involved with. However, it was only when getting out on the road and speaking to those benefitting from what Merseytravel offers, that we could truly start to appreciate the significance of the work that the team does. Their passion and commitment to helping people across their city region is truly admirable, and it was an honour to work with them and all the participants on this project.

Because of all the fine tuning in pre-production, each VT turned out exactly as the client had hoped it would. Only better, we’re proud to say.


The Conclusion