Thai Union Innovation

M&P go global (without even leaving the country)

The Brief

Thailand based, Thai Union own many high profile canned fish brands such as John West, Rügen Fisch and King Oscar. Having successfully produced the annual John West conference for several years, Meet & Potato were invited to bring our knowledge of the brand and sector, as well as our creative and organisational skills to deliver the first Thai Union Marketing and Innovation conference.

The purpose of the event was to mutually introduce each brand’s marketing and innovation teams and strategies, whilst also sharing the collective vision for the brands, unifying them as ‘One Thai Union’. This was the first time the individual brands had been brought together under one roof, to share knowledge, and to inspire each other.

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Delivering the Brief

Meet & Potato worked closely with the client to determine the structure of the conference and how best to disseminate the key messages throughout the two day event. Held at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz world in Surrey, the venue provided a beautiful environment, but with the space spread over 3 levels, needed logistical consideration.

Main plenary presentations were held in the intimate auditorium creating an informal, relaxed and open environment, befitting of the nature of the event. The content focussed on the role of Thai Union as an umbrella company, and their position as a market leader for global seafood. For many delegates, this was their first meeting with CEO K. Thiraphong, who coupled his trip to the UK with a mere 26 mile run at the London Marathon. The inspirational CEO ran on behalf of WWF, one of Thai Union’s partners in their commitment to improving the sustainability of seafood across the world.

From main plenary, delegates moved into brand specific ‘market stalls’, designed to present an insight into each brands marketing and innovation strategy, and deliver a ‘tasting session’ allowing delegates to test out new products.


Structured logistically, but less formal in style, these sessions enabled the presenter to bring their brand’s unique characteristics to the fore. This was crucial in embracing the differences, not only across each brand, but also between each brand’s consumers, across both Europe and the rest of the world.

Breakout sessions were held on the second day. Splitting delegates into smaller groups meant that interaction and engagement with the breakout content was more actively and easily encouraged. Presentations were carefully put together to show how the business areas across TU are moving forward, and the impact of this on the business as a whole. Interactive platform was used throughout the two days, to enable delegates to ask pertinent questions which proved extremely effective – the Q&A sessions were positively buzzing. In fact, this was a great description of the entire event and one that was used by the delegates throughout.