Baxi Awards Presentations

Developing award winning PowerPoint presentations to showcase Baxi's achievements throughout the year

The Brief

Baxi take the business of providing smart heating solutions for their customers very seriously. Working incredibly hard to build an engaging brand identity both on and off line, they are now pioneers in a market that doesn’t traditionally embrace marketing communications. With this in mind, Baxi have entered various awards throughout the year to showcase what their fantastic business has to offer.

Meet & Potato have worked with Baxi since 2011, producing successful events for them annually. So when approached to design and create the PowerPoint presentations needed to showcase their company’s efforts and achievements, we accepted with great honour. We are very pleased that our creative approach helped Baxi go on to win awards at two prestigious ceremonies in their industry. Congratulations Baxi!


The Approach

What better way to communicate your clients’ key messages than with an awards presentation? For something this emotive, the resounding communication should be honest and authentic, so we took a very human approach to content development; asking presenters to express in their own words why they felt they really deserved to win. From these more personal narratives were we able to fully comprehend the stories our clients wanted to tell. This process provided us with greater direction in developing each presentation, ultimately helping us to translate significant messages into design.

From the outset, it was important to Baxi that each presentation should express the sheer hard work and integrity of their respective teams in developing the systems and processes within the departments for which they were shortlisted. Personalising the narrative was an ultimate goal, as well as presenting facts and figures in an interesting and visually aesthetic manner. We needed to create a work of art out of each of these presentations to really do justice to the tenacity, determination and principles of a company like Baxi, and ultimately to ensure a win.

Our graphic designers created a bespoke, on theme identity based on the content of each presentation. With the visual style in place, the storyline was cleverly animated by our expert PowerPoint designers to really bring the narrative to life. Effective communication is vitally important during this process, as a shared vision of the finished product is needed between each of the creative minds involved. And ensuring the client’s brief is clearly communicated and delivered through an effective and inspiring piece of work is key – fortunately this is what Meet & Potato does best!

Our brilliant client won both the Customer Loyalty Award at The UK Customer Experience Awards and the Digital Marketing Award at The UK Business Awards, and we are delighted to have played a creative part in helping them to achieve such great success.