Mersey Maritime Industry Awards

How to ensure an outstanding Customer Experience

The Brief

Mersey Maritime is the sector representative body for the Maritime Industry and related sectors across the Liverpool City Region. For their annual Industry Awards, they identified a need to support their internal events team, seeking out a creative agency who could provide a fresh take on the event content and environment. Fortunately, Meet & Potato were the natural choice.

The brief for the evening was to capture sentiment by honouring the past, respecting that tradition and heritage have shaped today’s industry, but not to dwell. Instead, celebrating the vision and foresight on which today’s industry is steaming ahead. Excuse the pun. So that’s what we did!


What We Did

Everything about this project was new to us, a new client, a new industry and a new way of working. M&P came was employed in a more creative capacity to work alongside Mersey Maritime’s existing AV suppliers. Tasked with creating a show-stopping awards experience but with no official presentation to set the tone and communicate our client’s key messages, we knew our Opening VT had to do a lot of the talking.

Our first task was to establish how creative, creative could be. Even the word scares some companies and industries who are not used to this way of thinking. But after getting together to discuss the event content, we established Mersey Maritime as forward thinking, contemporary and bold. This suited us perfectly and gave us creative licence to produce a fantastic video. Uplifting, celebratory, heart-warming and full of pride are the emotions we set out to encompass, and when the lights went down before the gala dinner, the smiles emerging on faces lit by the glow of the big screen, we knew we’d done just that.

The interviews, carefully thought out to ensure all messages and sentiment were captured, were then meticulously edited to deliver those messages in the most engaging and authentic way. The footage carefully chosen to express just what Mersey Maritime wanted to communicate about their beloved industry in their beloved city.


The whole event was something special! Held in LFC’s recently refurbished The Dug Out, the venue was classy, modern yet simple. The black-tie dinner was formal but relaxed and the host Louise Minchin, a long-standing friend of Mersey Maritime, was glamorous yet friendly and approachable, so a true representative of the Liverpool City Region (LCR). Considering the design & branding throughout the venue and evening in general, we created a simple and elegant presentation template, reflective of the overall theme whilst unifying the motion graphics used throughout the Opening VT. These are small details that often go overlooked by those not in the know, but that really help with delivering an outstanding event where the content and environment work in perfect harmony.

With our guidance, Mersey Maritime delivered an Awards Ceremony that paid tribute to the maritime sector in the LCR region and everyone involved in it. Liverpool is a proud city, with proud people, and as one of its longest-standing industries, the maritime sector and its resurgence in the current climate shines as a beacon of hope and light across the city. Signifying hard work, tenacity, heritage, family and endeavour whilst also representing triumph, achievement, insight and opportunity. It was an honour and a pleasure to learn about a fantastic organisation, in an exciting industry in our very own city.


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